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It is sad to see how many people get taken advantage of by insurance companies when trying to settle their Auto accident cases.  Even relatively small insurance companies have both in-house attorneys as well as outside counsel who know the law.  Most people innocently and incorrectly believe that the insurance company will be "fair" in dealing with them in settling a claim.  It doesn't take a genius to know that insurance companies are in business to make a profit...and profit is maximized by paying as little as possible.

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I've had an actual insurance adjuster say that "It is funny how consumers don't want to pay a one-third fee to an attorney when we (the insurance company) know that a claim is worth more than that.  While I cannot make any guaranty about the amount of a claim, I've found that number to prove realistic.

Personal injury laws are often confusing and insurance companies utilize terms which generate more confusion. For example, while Kentucky is considered a "no fault" state, that simply means that if you are involved in an accident in Kentucky, or if you have Kentucky insurance, that your insurer is required to insure for the first $10,000 of lost wages and/or medical bills.

It actually has nothing to do with who is at fault in a collision.  The person who is determined to be at fault will have to pay to the injured party for the vehicle, bodily injury, medical bills and pain and suffering.  If you are injured and it is not your fault, your insurance company will still try to collect from the at fault party....and you should too.  This is not the case in Ohio which is not a no-fault state.

Minimum insurance coverage differs in Ohio and Kentucky and often insurance companies will be less than forthright in disclosing what coverage actually exists.  Depending on which state and where and how an accident occurs, there are times when policies may be stacked, uninsured or underinsured coverage may kick in or even when homeowners or umbrella coverage may be available.

"Stacking" is an interesting issue which often relies on the specific language of an insurance policy, as well as the constantly changing decisions from various state appellate courts.

An example of stacking is when you own three automobiles and each has $25,000 of under-insured coverage.  In many states, if the policies are paid separately then an injured person might be able to collect $75,000 instead of the $25,000.

Other terms, which are often confusing, are bodily injury, collision, PIP (simply another name for no-fault and short for personal injury protection), no-fault, comparative fault, last clear chance, just to name a few.  Interestingly, if you are in an accident in Kentucky, even if you are primarily at fault, you may be entitled to compensation for injuries.  Kentucky is considered a pure comparative fault state.  In every accident there is a total of 100% of fault.

It is the ultimate job of a jury to determine how much each person in an accident is responsible for that fault. Multiple Auto accidents provide even more questions and division of liability for an accident.  How responsibility for an accident is determined can alter a settlement by thousands of dollars.

Insurance companies try to tell injured persons that if they are each at fault, there is no coverage - not true.  They tell people that if they are 50% at fault or more, there is no coverage - again, not true.  While this is the case in Ohio and some other states, it is not so in Kentucky.  These are just some of the reasons to discuss your case with a legal professional to ensure your rights are protected.

Financial recovery is the bottom line in personal injury cases.  The underlying goal of personal injury law, known in legal circles as "tort" law, is to make the injured party whole.  While money does not make a persons back better or bring back to life a deceased relative, it is the only method utilized for compensating victims.

It is the attorney's responsibility to determine what is the amount of money necessary and fair to compensate an injured person.  Once that and fault are determined, an attorney will generally attempt to negotiate a settlement prior to filing of a law suit.

It is important that an attorney is equally adept at dealing with insurance companies and negotiating settlements as it is that he be ready, willing and able to take your case to trial and convince a jury to align their decision with his evaluation.  The ultimate goal is that a jury agrees that your version is correct, that your injuries are real and your evaluation is well grounded in reality.

Michael Bouldin, one of the top Northern Kentucky Auto Accident Lawyers, has been protecting the rights of injured persons since 1994.  Through law school he worked at a very large insurance company, learning their secrets and how they make money.  His firm employs professionals who concentrate on accidents and injuries and protect the rights of clients.  He utilizes that information every day to maximize financial recovery for his clients.

Appointments are generally free and recover is based as percentage of recovery.  This is a contingency fee agreement (COURT COSTS AND CASE EXPENSES WILL BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CLIENT) and is the most common practice in hiring an attorney in a personal injury - auto accident case.

Our office is conveniently located in downtown Covington.  Our staff consists of one attorney, a paralegal/law clerk and a secretary.  We deal with people in a comfortable environment that ensures individual attention.

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